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Maintaining oil finished floors

• It is recommended to mop your floor with WOCA Soap approx one week after oiling it and then clean your floor with WOCA Soap only when dirty.
• The soap solution, which contains soy and coconut fats, forms a protective film on the floor after drying, making future cleaning quicker and easier.
• Never apply soap to an oiled floor until at least 36 hours after the last oil application.
• Public and commercial areas that require daily or weekly cleaning should use WOCA Master Soap.
• Mixing solution should be: 125ml soap mixed into 5 litres of lukewarm water. If the soap solution is not properly mixed, footprints may show on a soaped floor even after drying. This is caused by using too much soap.
• To remove excess soap, clean the floor with WOCA Wood Cleaner.
• Use a good quality mop, which has no loose ends.
• Remember that a wood floor should be DAMP mopped.
• Sweep or vacuum the floor before cleaning with WOCA soap. In one bucket, mix a solution of WOCA Soap (well shaken) and lukewarm water.
• Pour lukewarm water in a second bucket and use as rinse water. Dip a clean mop in the soap solution. Wring the mop. The mop head should retain enough moisture to dampen a 4' x 8' section of flooring.
• Spread the solution across the work area, and then mop the damp area. For very dirty spots, let the solution set for a few minutes, then come back to the spot and scrub with a dish scrubbing brush. Continue mopping until the mop head becomes dirty or is not moist enough to thoroughly clean.
Dip the mop in the rinse water bucket. Slosh around very well. Wring the mop head as thoroughly dry as possible. This will remove dirty water and keep the mop head clean. Do not rinse the previously clean floor. Dip the mop in the soap solution and wring. Clean the next section. Repeat the process until the entire floor has been cleaned.
• The floor should be dry within 5 to 15 minutes. If water is still visible on the floor surface after 2-3 minutes, the mop was too wet during the cleaning process. Wipe up excess water and reduce moisture in the mop.
• It is not unusual to see a "haze" on darker floors after soaping. Simply put a cotton cloth under a dust mop or floor buffer and quickly polish away the "haze".
• Coverage: 320-400m2 per litre.
• WOCA Oil Refresher should be used instead of soap at least once a year.
• If floor is cleaned four times a year or less, Oil Refresher is recommended instead of soap.

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